Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Barn Find 1959 Chevy Suburban with Rare NAPCO 4x4 Setup

We've all heard various Barn Find stories through the years. As this story goes, the seller pulled this '59 Suburban out of a barn deep in the rocky mountains looking basically as it does in the pictures below.

When inspected, it was noted that the truck had gone though a previous restoration and the NAPCO 4x4 System was not reinstalled during that time. That said, the original NAPCO-produced front axle and WARN locking hubs are still on the vehicle. The remaining (uninstalled) NAPCO 4x4 components were discovered inside of the Suburban. The NAPCO transfer case turns freely and the transmission shifts without effort. Interesting fact: Approximately 300 Chevy Napco Suburbans were ever produced and very few examples exist today.

The seller has taken the time to replace the wheels and tires with original era versions and the 235ci 6-cyl. motor was tuned and detailed and is said to "run like a top".

The orange and white paint job looks sharp with no major dings or scratches and only a few tiny bubbles of rust around the door steps, the drivers hinge, and a few spots on the floor board. There are no signs of of damage or repair to the body. Glass is good, interior is original and only slightly worn but the rear seats appear to be missing.

Find it here on eBay in Denver, Colorado. Special thanks to Ownster reader Heavy Dee for this submission!

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