Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Now That's Nifty

Vintage car parts as high-priced art? Let that sink in for a moment...

Before you dismiss the notion, let me introduce James Corbett. James, from Ningi, Queensland, Australia has been creating cleverly creative sculptures since 1999 when he decided that there might just be a market for re-purposed classic car parts.

Using inanimate car parts like hubcaps, gears, spark plugs, nuts, bolts, bearings, timing chains, radiators and transmission cases retrieved from junkyards and swap meets, James cleans, polishes and then welds them together creating lifelike, albeit shiny works of art. Cars, bikes, birds and animals are his most common creations and James says that nothing is ever bent into shape to create his artwork. He simply finds a part that "fits". I particularly am fond of the warthog (see picture below). Amazingly lifelike, it blends in some natural patina with a single orange-pigmented clutch plate on both flanks.

Take a look at the "wool" on that sheep below. It's actually hundreds of spark plugs, each individually welded to the sculpture, which also boasts a pair of actual car horns doubling as the sheep's horns. And if you look closely, you'll see the grille of a 1938 Desoto in James sculpture of an orangutan (see pictures below).

For more information on James Corbett, visit his site online at www.jamescorbettart.com.

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